Thursday, February 7, 2008

Raw Secrets:
The Raw Food Diet in the Real World

If you're interested in having more energy, being healthier, and living life at the highest level, then you need to check out the Completely Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition of...

"The Raw Secrets: The Raw Food Diet in the Real World"

In The Raw Secrets, you will discover:

  • Diseases and conditions caused or aggravated by bread and grain consumption.

  • The most overlooked and important causes for lack of energy.

  • Why certain foods are poisons and drugs, and how to find out which ones are.

  • An absolutely effective and low-cost way to give up bad habits.

  • All about a healthy diet that doesn’t require you to buy special products.

  • Sure signs that the diet you’re not (even if it’s raw) is not working for you

  • The easiest (and best) way to transition to a raw food diet.

  • Why you don’t need to eat 100% raw to achieve excellent health, if you don't want to.

  • This insider secret to eating a raw food diet in the north.

  • Why most raw-food diets are unhealthy and what to do instead.

  • The one key principle to achieving a higher level of health, no matter what diet you’re on!

If you're looking for: Incredible Health, Increased Energy, and a Youthful and Slim Body...then check out The Secrets of a Raw Foods Diet Today!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Amazing Benefits of a Whole Foods Diet

There are a many benefits of a whole foods diet that will positively impact your health, and enable you to lead a If you are considering making the shift to a whole foods diet, are curious about whole foods nutrition, or simply want to learn more about the whole foods benefits, please read on...

Increased Fiber Consumption:

Whole foods such as broccoli, brown rice, almonds and oatmeal are great sources of fiber - with six to fifteen grams per serving. Compare this to most animal products which contain no fiber.

Fiber aids in moving wastes from the body and keeping the digestive system clean and functioning properly.

Less Fat Intake:

A includes foods, such as fruits, vegetables and grains, that contain far less fat than a diet which includes animal foods. In fact, even low-fat meals can often have twice as much fat as a whole foods meal.

A lower fat, whole foods diet can help keep cholesterol levels down, reduce the number of calories consumed and help increase your health and vitality.

Decreased Sugar Consumption:

A whole foods diet, which includes a variety of natural complex carbohydrates, is typically more filling and will decrease your desire to eat processed sugar products - which will also decrease your overall food intake.

More Nutrients:

A whole food diet contains plant foods that are a richer source of nutrients than animal products.

Variety of Foods:

The variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts that are available on a diet is almost endless. This variety leads to a greater consumption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that perform health-promoting fuctions in the body.

Great Satisfaction and Less Overeating:

The whole foods diet includes a wide variety of foods that are dense in nutrients and fiber. These whole foods require more time to properly chew and eat, which results in the consumption of fewer calories. More satisfying meals leads to less overeating, which in turn leads to an optimal level of health and longevity.

It's evident that the benefits of a whole foods diet far outweigh any benefits that may be derived from a diet which includes predominantly animal products. In addtion, a whole food diet is less harmful to the human body.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Who Else Wants To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle?

Hello and welcome to - the blog dedicated to helping you lead a healthy, active lifestyle!

As this is the first entry in my blog, let me start by giving you an overview of the topics I will be discussing in the weeks and months to follow.

First, who is this blog for?

This blog is designed to help anyone interested in leading a

Whether you currently practice healthy lifestyle habits such as proper nutrition and regular exercise or are looking for tips and advice to help you implement these into your life - this blog will benefit you greatly.

So, what topics will I cover in this blog?

Good question!

Here are a few of the many topics I will be covering in my healthy living blog...
  • Healthy lifestyle activities
  • Benefits of a healthy life
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Healthy lifestyle eating tips
  • Healthy living fitness activities
  • Healthy lifestyle for kids
  • Healthy lifestyle habits
  • Programs for healthy living
  • Tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy supplements
  • And so much more...
If you want to lead a healthy life...this blog will be a valuable resource for you. One that will provide you with the tips, advice and recommendations to help you live a healthy, active and more vibrant life!

Enjoy and best of luck!